The Historic Homes Foundation, Inc. (HHF) was chartered in 1957 as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization to purchase, preserve and display historic sites and to advance education, culture and the arts in Kentucky.  

HHF presents three unique properties, each offering a window into a different aspect of Kentucky's past.  Each property is open to the public year-round for tours, public events and educational programming. These properties are:

FARMINGTON - The mission of Farmington Historic Plantation is to present the story of a unique early 19th century Kentucky house, its people and their farm culture, through preservation, exhibitions and education.  

THOMAS EDISON HOUSE - It is the mission of Thomas Edison House to educate the public about Edison's achievements in science and technology and to provide programming that inspires creativity through the exploration of history, science and communication.  

WHITEHALL - It is the mission of Whitehall to preserve and present the mansion and its collection as a Victorian interpretation of a Classical Greek Revival style mansion and to maintain, develop and preserve the grounds as an estate garden and greenspace for public benefit and enjoyment.  

Each individual historic property is open to the public for regularly scheduled tours and programs.  Fundraising activities for each home are hosted throughout the year for the benefit of the respective historic property.  These funds help support essential needs, such as general operating expenses, educational programming and preservation activities.  


Dean Wilkinson, President William F. Paynter, Vice President S. Butch Shaw, Treasurer

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