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Educational Programs

Recently Farmington's Education Programs were re-evaluated to integrate more information on Abraham Lincoln and Slavery at Farmington. As a result, we are excited to present two new programs. Farmington Detective for a Day introduces students to the concept of using primary sources to learn about the history of a place and its peoples. Lincoln Logs is a writing program which encourages students to journal about their onsite experience. Staff has worked closely with a Jefferson County Public Schools Committee to ensure that these programs incorporate State Assessment Content Standards as laid forth in the Core Content for Assessment version 4.1. Although these programs are specifically targeted towards the fourth and fifth grade curriculum, we are happy to work with your group to adjust the content as necessary for other age levels. Programs are open to public, private and independent schools, as well as home school groups. To schedule a school group tour or to find out more information about our educational offerings for fun and interactive field trips, contact Diane Young at or by phone at (502) 452-9920.


Frankie Steele
courtesy of The Voice-Tribune